Intelligent Manufacturing

Wecome upholds the vision of "Be a leader in the electrical cabinet industry". For over a decade, Wecome has been committed to the deep integration of informatization and industrialization in order to improve customer service. Through continuous research and tireless hard work and under the national informatization and industrialization framework, we have established a digital factory solution with distinctive Wecome features that highlights in-depth integration of "streamline, informatization and automation".


Lean production: We have adopted a "small batch, multi-batch" pull-type production mode with Wecome characteristics.

Informatization construction: Relying on the four core systems of OMS, PLM, ERP, and MES, we integrate marketing, design, planning, production, and equipment to create a fast-response and customized platform.

Automated factory: To promote the replacement of human labor with machines, combine data collected from the devices, utilize systems and data display, and establish a flexible automated factory, we will continue to focus on streamlining production. We will refer to the project-based non-standard customization character of the industry, gradually propose the general plan of forming a cabinet-streamlined production factory, and create a "small-batch pull-type" production model. In terms of factory value stream design, workshop and production line planning, logistics planning, device and resource planning, and human resource planning, we have formed a highly streamlined system, which has greatly guaranteed our production and delivery capacity. Our plate utilization rate and other indicators are by far ahead of the industry, and this also points out a direction for information and automation development.

Based on the philosophy of customer-oriented and lean management, we developed a customized platform, including OMS, PLM, ERP, and MES. Thanks to the implementation of these platforms, the barriers between marketing, design, planning, finance, production, and equipment were eliminated. and realize the full online management and control mode of large-scale personalized customization.

In the meantime, the cabinet automation process driven by Wecome automation team is rolling out rapidly, from the initial single-station automation upgrading to the operation of small sectional production lines, from the completion of the integrated automatic workshop of standard parts to the establishment of integrated automatic production line of sheet metal. Wecome has fully achieved fully integrated automatic production that covers the entire sheet metal cutting, punching, bending, welding, and spraying processes.

Through a high level of integration and combination of manufacturing, marketing, and research, the turnaround time for the delivery of contract design has been improved by 30%, and the product delivery time has been shortened by 45%; the utilization of big data analysis has increased the timeliness of data and improved the data utilization rate, which also lays a solid foundation for decision-making. For those reasons, the company has been awarded a variety of titles and honors, including "Integrated Informatization and Industrialization Pilot Enterprise of Zhejiang Province" "In-depth Integrated Informatization and Industrialization and Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Enterprise of Zhejiang Province" and "Demo Enterprise for the Integrated Development of Manufacturing and Internet Industries in Zhejiang Province".

In the future, while optimizing the internal management system, we will also join the upstream and downstream systems through the Internet network to achieve efficient collaboration between upstream and downstream businesses; we will also actively promote smart factory development in order to create a highly competitive information platform.


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