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XGN66-12 Box-type Fixed Switchgear Cubicle

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XGN66-12 Box-type Fixed Switchgear Cubicle

Overview XGN66-12switchgearissuitableforsinglebusbarsystemswithpowerlevelsfrom3to10kVthreephaseAC50Hztoacceptanddistributepower.Itisnewgenerationsmallpowerequipmentusedincitiesandruralareas,wihchisdis
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product description
XGN66-12 switchgear is suitable for single busbar systems with power levels from 3 to 10kV three phase AC 50Hz to accept and distribute power.It is new generation small power equipment used in cities and rural areas,wihch is distinguished with features as high grade,small volume,reasonable structure,safety and dependability,simple in running and opration,and accommodates to the demand of power market,feform of city and rural power grids,and packaged substations.
Height x Width x Depth
2650mm 1100mm 1200mm/1600mm
2650mm 1200mm 1200mm/1600mm
Structure instruction
The switchgear is of box-type metal-enclosed fixed structure and the cubicle consists of C profiels and G profiles assembled by several connecting pieces.It is divided into four compartments,i.e. busbar compartment, CB compartment,metering compartment and cable compatment.The parts processing shall be made by CNC punching machine,CNC bending machine and sophisticated machines provided in CNC processing center,ensuring high precision of form,position and dimension, fast and accurate making,flexible for combination of different options,which can meet different demands from customers.
Main Characteristics
1. The cubicle is of assembled srtucture, free from welding,high mechanical strength and srtistic appearance;
2. The rear upper part is for GN30-12 rotary disconnect swith and lower part for GN19-12C disconnect switch. The mechanical interlock device operated as per procedures can provide reliable safety protection for the operation personnel and equipment;
3. The cubicle is of air insulated type,compatible with VCB of integrated mechanism as: VS1-12(ZN63A) and VD4-12;
4. Compulsory mechanical locking method is employed in the interlocks among main switch,disconnect swtich and cubicle door to meet the" five-safety" interlock function;
5. The wiring terminals of cable have big space from the ground enabling making,mounting and maintaining of cales;
6. The degree of protection of the enclosure is IP3X;
7. Material of galvanized steel.
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