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XGN2-12 Box-type Fixed Switchgear Cubicle

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XGN2-12 Box-type Fixed Switchgear Cubicle

Overview XGN2-12switchgearissuitableforsinglebusbar,doublebusbarandbypassbusbarsystemswithpowerlevelsfrom3to10kVthreephaseAC50Hzforpoweracceptanceanddistribution,whichcansatisfyusingrequirementsofpowe
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product description
XGN2-12 switchgear is suitable for single busbar,double busbar and bypass busbar systems withpower levels from 3 to 10kV three phase AC 50Hz for power acceptance and distribution,which can satisfy using requirements of power plants,transformer substations or industrial and mining establishments.
Height x Width x Depth
2650mm 1100mm 1200/1600mm
2650mm 1200mm 1200/1600mm
Structure instruction
This switchgear is of metal-enclosed box structure and compared with the original angle-steel welding type of  cabinet body,ts cubicle framework is made of C profiles and G profiles with pleasing outline,which facilitates production control and shortens production period.The cubicle is divided into CB compartment,busbar compartment,cable compartment and relay compartment with metal partitions.
Main characteristics
1. The CB compartment is situated at the front middle part,which can be mounted with CB of all-in-one mechanism,facilitating operation and maintenance. The compartment is available with pressure release channel,and in case of any internal arc,the gas may get past exhaust passage and pressure released and also be equipped with divided CB;
2. The busbar compartment is situated at the rear upper part,and the busbar is arranged in delta-shape as to decrease the height.The neighboring busbar compartments are separated by metal partition,which may effectively prevent faults from affecting adjacent compartments;
3. The inside is air insulated and the distance of air insulation of phase to phase to earth shall be greater than 125mm.Supporting insulators( or bushings) of greater creepage are employed to make the switchgear have greater insulation level and stronger insulation stability;
4. The wiring terminals of cable shall have a distance of 600-800mm from the ground as to facilitate the making,mounting and maintaining of the cable.Tower rubber gasket is used to seal between cable compartment and cable chute as to prevent dempness or small animals from entering the cubicle via the chute;
5. Compulsory mechanical locking method is employed in the interlocks among main switch, disconnect switch,earthing switch and cubicle door to meet the "five-safety" interlock function;
6. Material of galvanized steel.
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