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KYN61-40.5 AC Metal-clad Withdrawable Enclosed Switchgear Cubicle(Floor stand type)

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KYN61-40.5 AC Metal-clad Withdrawable Enclosed Switchgear Cubicle(Floor stand type)

Overview KYN61-40.5switchgeariscompleteindoorpowerdistributionequipmentsuitableforthree-phaseAC50Hzandratedvoltageof40.5kV.Itisusedforpoweracceptanceanddistributioncircuitcontrol,protectionanddetectio
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product description
KYN61-40.5 switchgear is complete indoor power distribution equipment suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 40.5kV. It is used for power acceptance and distribution circuit control,protection and detection power plants,transformer substations or industrial and mining establishments.
Structure instruction
KYN61-40.5(Ⅱ) is designed as per requirements specified in GB3906 and GB/T11022. Modified from KYN61-40.5, KYN61-40.5(Ⅱ) it not only has better Electrical properties, but also superior to KYN61-40.5 in its technological level and outlook which obtained many national design patents.
Main characteristics
1. Cubicle of assembled structure and CB of handcart central-mounted structure with volume decreased;
2. Oionally equipped with our vacuum circuit breaker VW1-40.S,Xiamen Huadian VEP-40.5,Shanghai GE VB-40.5,circuit breaker of the same type is interchangeable;
3. Equipped with special lifting type transfer trolley,precisely located with the cubicle,reliably locked; and cubicle door to meet the "five-safety" interlock function;
4. Compulsory mechanical locking method i s employed in the interlocks among earthing swith,handcart and cubicle door to meet the "five-safety" interlock function;
5. All oprations can be done when the cubicle door is closed as to safeguard the operating personnel;
6. Spacious cable compartment enables access of several cables and overhead outgoing;
7. The degree of protection of the enclosure is IP3X,and IP2X for barrier compartment and when the door of handcart compartment is open;
8. Material optional with galvanized steel or Aluminum-zinc coated steel.
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