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KYN28A-24 Metal-clad Withdrawable Enclosed Switchgear Cubicle

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KYN28A-24 Metal-clad Withdrawable Enclosed Switchgear Cubicle

Overview KYN28-24metal-cladwithdrawableenclosedswitchgeariscompleteindoorpowerdistributionequipmentsuitablefor3-phaseAC50Hzandratedvoltageof24KV.Itisusedforpoweracceptanceanddistribution,circuitcontro
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product description
KYN28-24 metal-clad withdrawable enclosed switchgear is complete indoor power distribution equipment suitable for 3-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 24KV. It is used for power acceptance and distribution, circuit control, protection and detection etc. in power plants, transformer substations or industrial and mining eatablishments.
Height × Width × Depth
2430mm 1000mm 1860mm
Structure instruction
The switchgear is designed as per requirements specified in GB3906 and IEC62271-200:2003. It is composed of cubicle and withdrawable part (handcart).The cubicle is made of Aluminum-zinc coated or galvanized steel sheets assembled using bolts and divided into circuit breaker compartment, busbar compartment, cable compartment and relay metering compartment. All metal parts are earthed reliably. Each compartment on the major loop is available with separate pressure release channel. In cable compartment, 10*60mm earth bus can be chosen.
Main Characteristics
1. Easy and effective five-safety locking device to avoid false operation;
2. Compatible with VS1, VW1、VD4 and 3AH vacuum circuit breakers;
3. Compatible with PT handcart, metering handcart, isolating handcart, fuse handcart, and handcart of the same purpose is interchangeable;
4. The cubicle may be mounted against the wall and accessible for maintenance in the front as to save space;
5. The circuit breaker compartment and cable compartment may be respectively mounted with heater to avoid condensation and corrosion;
6. Spacious cable compartment enables access of several cables;
7. The degree of protection of the enclosure is IP4X, and IP2X for each compartment and when the door of handcart compartment is open.
8. Material optional with galvanized steel or Aluminum-zinc coated steel.
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