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KYN28A-12(Ⅱ) New-type Metal-clad Withdrawable Enclosed Switchgear Cubicle

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KYN28A-12(Ⅱ) New-type Metal-clad Withdrawable Enclosed Switchgear Cubicle

Overview KYN28A-12(II)metal-cladwithdrawableenclosedswitchgeariscompleteindoorpowerdistributionequipmentsuitablefor3-phaseAC50Hzandratedvoltageof12kV.Itisusedforpoweracceptanceanddistribution,circuitc
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product description
KYN28A-12(II)metal-clad withdrawable enclosed switchgear is complete indoor power distribution equipment suitable for 3-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 12kV. It is used for power acceptance and distribution, circuit control, protection and detection etc, in power plants, transformer substations or industrial and mining establishments.
Height × Width × Depth
2320m 660mm 1500/1600/1800mm
  800mm 1500/1660/1800mm
  1000mm 1500/1660/1800mm
Structure instruction
KYN28A-12(II)is designed as per requirements specified in GB3906 and GB/T11022. Modified from KYN28A-12, it not only inherits the advantages of KYN28A-12 in compartment arrangement and electrical properties, but also superior to KYN28A-12 in its technological level and outlook which obtained many national design patents.
Main Characteristics
1. New appearance is coordinating in proportions and modern in design, gives an impression of concise;
2. Easy and effective five-safety locking device to avoid false operation;
3. The auxiliary trunking between compartments is entirely made of metal sheet which makes switchgear more reliable.
4. Humanized interface ensures easy operation.
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