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GCS(Ⅱ) Modified Type or Standard Type

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GCS(Ⅱ) Modified Type or Standard Type

Overview GCS(Ⅱ)lowvoltageswitchgearcubicleissuitableforsystemwithAC50Hz,ratedworkingvoltageupto660V,currentupto4000A,andapplicableforpowergeneration,transmission,distribution,charge-overandconsumption
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product description
GCS(Ⅱ) low voltage switchgear cubicle is suitable for system with AC 50Hz,rated working voltage up to 660V,current up to 4000A,and applicable for power generation,transmission,distribution,charge-over and consumption equipment control. It conforms of relevant standards such as IEC60439-1,GB7251.1 and JB/T9661 and widely used in power plant,metallurgical factory,petroleum industry,chemical industry,textile industry and high-rise buildings.
Designed with advanced manufacturing technique and a modularized and flexible structure,GCS(Ⅱ) can replace all traditional GCS solutions in the market.
Height x Width x Depth
2200mm 600mm 800/1000mm
2200mm 800mm 800/1000mm
2200mm 1000mm 800/1000mm
Main characteristics
1.The frame is adopted with C profiles.The mounting holes in Ф5.3mm with module E=25mm on the main framework enables its assembly flexible and convenient;
2. The switchgear is divided into function unit compartment,busbar compartment and cable compartment with each compartment isolated and function relatively independent;
3. The horizontal busbar is placed flat at the back as to strngthen its capalibity against electromotive ;
4. The design of cable compartment facilitates easy access of cable;
5. The drawer height is 150mm,200mm,300mm,400mm,500mm,600mm,same in width and depth.The drawer of smae funtion units have great interchangeability. The rated current of unit loop is up to 400A;
6. The drawer panel is marked with obvious signs for position as breaking,making,testing and drawing out.The drawer unit is provided with mechanical interlock device.Usually,drawer units are the main options,but they can be mounted together with fixed units in one cubicle for random 
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