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Dream, sail from here...

2018/08/30 21:46
A rented house with a roof of asbestos tiles surrounded by walls of bamboo; an area of less than 200 square meters, with no more than 56 employees... But in such a difficult environment, a grand dream began to set sail.
1991 is a special year.
This year, the old and new ideas continue to clash, the last name of the Zi Zishe debate continues, the respectable old man's Southern Tour speech has not yet occurred, the community is still in a private enterprise existence is legal doubt...
This year, just over 23-year-old Mu Xiaodong, in Liushi, operating an electrical door, inspired by the upsurge of entrepreneurship in the surrounding, unwilling to start an electric factory, he germinated the idea. His ideas were praised and supported by his wife, and his father's affirmation. Mu Xiaodong and a number of entrepreneurial partners to scrape together, eventually raised 65,000 yuan venture capital, Yueqing White Elephant Houyu village, Yueqing set up a Wanjia control equipment factory.
The town of white elephants is adjacent to Liushi and west to the border of Yongjia county and the town of urniu, and the South and Wenzhou are facing each other across the river. This is the Zhejiang Electrical Appliance Industrial Zone and the Southern Zhejiang Business and Trade Center. As early as the early 1980s, China's first wholesale market for means of production was born. Houyu Village is a remote village near Baixiang Town. It was also affiliated with Wan hometown of Baixiang District at that time. In 1992, Houyu Village was withdrawn and merged with Baixiang Town. Mu Xiaodong's location here, mainly to see this place close to 104 National Highway lines, traffic is more convenient; and relatively belong to the countryside, low operating costs, suitable for their capital strength is not strong enough for the first venture enterprises.
One fence has three piles, one hero and three gang. Young people, do what they say. Several partners, one for production, one for business, one for finance and logistics, and a few more workers, life began to go on like a red fire.
Wanjia control equipment factory mainly produces QJ3 startup box, XJ01 self coupling decompression starting box and QZB transformer. Like most entrepreneurs at that time, they did not have expensive machinery and equipment, no sophisticated technology, only with a passion, facing the upsurge of entrepreneurship, trying to be in a business atmosphere, strong business under the joy of the clear.
Wanjia control equipment factory is not so much a factory as a small family workshop. A rented house with a roof of asbestos tiles surrounded by walls of bamboo; less than 200 square meters, with only 56 employees; the factory is cold in winter and hot in summer, and when it rains, it is filled with water everywhere. But in such a difficult environment, a grand dream began to set sail.
Time flies, and time flies. In the twinkling of an eye, three years passed. In 1994, in pursuit of greater development, Mu Xiaodong and his partners bid farewell to the once familiar Houyu village and relocated 10,000 control equipment factories to the village of Baixiang Jinlu, not far from here.
Compared with Houyu Village, it is also along the 104 National Highway in the north and the famous Qiligang District in the south. The two major economic towns of Yueqing City, Liushi and Baixiang, are connected in the East and West respectively, which make it more convenient to occupy land. Compared with the primitive production area, the new workshop is rented office building and has begun to modernize. Many of the veteran employees of Wanguan Group have gathered under the banner of Mu Xiaodong since then.
Compared with others, Mu Xiaodong seems to pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property right now. In that era when production and marketing were in the mainstream, he realized the importance of brand strategy with a keen eye.
After repeated discussions by internal members, he decided to name his product brand "Wan Kong".
In March of this year, the trademark "Wanguang" submitted by Wanjia Control Equipment Factory was approved and registered by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, which is the first batch of trademarks registered in China's electrical industry.
Second months later, wood Xiaodong announced that it would officially change the factory name to Yueqing city electric appliance manufacturing company.
Wan, many also, the ancient word from Xu Congyu, refers to all things in the world, Taoist Yun: "Taoist born one, two, two, three, three living things"; the controller, control, bow also, in ancient times, often known as the knight in the north to control strings.
The name of universal control is not a simple love complex, nor a simple name abbreviation, more is a philosophical thinking, that includes all things, broad-minded, ruler of the world. Seeing the two words, it seemed that I saw an iron wrist. When the palm was opened, then ten thousand golden lights were shot from the palm, from near to far, and straight to cloud night. When the five fingers were closed, all the golden rays were quickly recovered and still firmly clutched in the iron fist. Can be able to receive, can bend, stretch, Zhang Chi degree, vertical control freely, flexible. It seems to symbolize a mighty God who controls all things. With his iron wrist, the poor peasant couple embraces the light all their lives and keeps the lights of all families alive. Perhaps it was at that time that the sense of mission for the advancement of electricity, the grand vision of being a cabinet pilot, had begun to sprout unconsciously. Whether or not people can appreciate the deeper meaning of the name, in short, the name "Wanguan" has gradually spread in the industry.
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