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The second Wan Kong Charity scholarship award ceremony was successfully concluded at the tea mountain experimental middle school

2018/08/30 09:07

On June 30, the second "Wancong Charitable Scholarship" awarding ceremony was held at the graduation ceremony of Chashan Experimental Middle School affiliated to Wenda. Relevant leaders of Wancon attended and presented awards to the winners. At the ceremony, a total of 60 people were awarded the "Wan Guan charitable scholarship", of which 10 were the first prize.



As early as 2006, the chairman of Wanguan Group, Mu Xiaodong, set up a 10-year "Mu Xiaodong Award for Education Scholarship" in his alma mater Wenzhou Ouhai Chashan Middle School with the intention of contributing a little to the cause of education in his hometown. In 2015, he completed the 10-year education assistance work and helped and motivated a number of outstanding teachers and students. In 2012, Wanguan set up a 2 million yuan "Wanguan Charitable Scholarship Fund" in Ouhai District Charitable Association of Wenzhou City, which subsidizes poor students to go to school every year. This year, Wanguan Charitable Scholarship was set up to encourage students with outstanding academic achievements to contribute to education.