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Flying Eagle! The first Eagle hawk class in the school of control

2018/08/30 09:05

In response to the company's "358" talent strategy, to ensure that fresh graduates better into the enterprise, Wancongte opened Eagle class to meet the company's future talent reserve needs.



On July 4, the class opened with the attendance of Chief Executive Officer Mu Xinde, Vice President Hou Wenwei, Assistant Executive Officer Huang Shuai, Director of the Strategic Committee Office Chen Coke, Director of the Academy Office Li Enlin, Chief of Human Resources Development Section Zhai Jun and other leaders to cheer up the 19 "baby eagles".
The ceremony was opened in the melodious melody of the enterprise song "we come together".
First, Zhai gave a detailed explanation of the hawk class. Then Guan Peisheng introduced himself for 2-3 minutes each. They were from Fujian, Hubei, Hangzhou and other places, all with confidence and vigor. After that, the hawk class leader, Kuang Cheng and Lv Gang, the class committee, respectively made speeches. They express their heartfelt expectations and gratitude for their coming to Mastermind, full of confidence in their future studies and trials.
Vice President Hou Wenwei and General Manager Zhang Zhenzong of the Cabinet Business Group expressed their expectations for the "baby eagle" respectively. They hope that they can exert their strengths, devote themselves to the study of their abilities, endure loneliness, stand the test, seize the opportunity for Wancon to take off, Eagle hit the sky, thick accumulation of thin hair!



Mu Xinde sent a message and gave a flag to the students. He said: as the first student in the history of Wan-con Ying class, he was highly concerned and admired. He hoped that everyone could set an example thinking and strive for excellence, and become a model worker in the model and a benchmark soldier in the benchmark. And I hope that people will regard work as their own cultivation of personality, can "work for the improvement of the mind, cultivation of the soul." When we treat work with this level of mentality, personal value will also be reflected, and making money will become an accessory in the process. At the same time, we also hope that we will abide by the rules and regulations, practice the core quality of the staff at the same time, to achieve the following 24 words: lofty, down-to-earth, enterprising, courageous to challenge, gratitude, the pursuit of excellence.


Flag giving ceremony


Issue souvenirs


At the end of the ceremony, the eaglets wrote down their goals and wishes on exquisite cards. At the same time, the wishing tree can also symbolize Guan Peisheng's growth like a tree.



It is reported that the Eaglet class tutor management team members by the general tutor, head teacher, tutor, counselors and other components, CEO Mu Xinde as the Eaglet class master tutor, head teacher. The supervisor management team is responsible for carrying out the work of "passing on, helping and leading" in work, study and life, and giving guidance to the growth of the students.