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Xu Xinlong, vice chairman of Wenzhou Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, visited the "blue fire program" launched by

2018/08/30 08:58
On the afternoon of July 23, Xu Xinlong, Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Wenzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, accompanied by Zhu Songqiang, Vice-Chairman of Yueqing Federation of Industry and Commerce and Li Qile, Vice-Chairman of Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce, visited Wanzhong, Wenzhou Municipal Government Investigation Office, Wenzhou Propaganda Department and Wenzhou Commercial Newspaper and Evening Newspaper. Vice President Ye Xueping, Wan Zhi Zhi Chi Research Institute, human resources center responsible person to receive.
Research background:
The "Blue Fire Plan" is a series of actions launched by the Ministry of Education to organize colleges and universities to cooperate with local enterprises in accordance with the characteristics and needs of regional economic and local industrial development. The aim is to speed up the transfer and industrialization of innovative scientific and technological achievements from colleges and universities to society, enhance the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises, and enhance the core competitiveness of regional economy.
In July 21, 2016, the Wenzhou branch of the blue fire program doctoral work group was launched in Yueqing. The doctoral group is composed of 17 doctoral students from different universities and stationed in 10 enterprises in Yueqing. As one of the cooperative enterprises, fortune control has ushered in the admission of 2 PhD students. During his tenure, Ph.D. students mainly engaged in technical related work, such as investigating the technical needs of enterprises, providing technical advice, helping to solve technical problems, and so on, to enhance the technological innovation ability of Wancon.
In the investigation, Xu Xinlong and others fully affirmed the development of Wanzhong in recent years, detailed understanding of the combination of Wanzhong production, learning and research, seriously inquired about the "Blue Fire Plan" in the process of the implementation of what the enterprise harvest, what problems exist, for the future development of the "Blue Fire Plan" what improvement proposals.
Vice President Ye Xueping thanked the Wenzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Yueqing Federation of Industry and Commerce for their concern and support for Wanzhong's development. He also thanked the government for its efforts in talent development for enterprises, providing talent support for technological innovation, and introducing in detail the development of enterprises, the demand for talent and the Blue Fire Plan.
Wanquan has developed from a small family workshop to an enterprise group with five major production bases. On the one hand, Wanquan has devoted more than 20 years to the industry and pursued technology. On the other hand, Wanquan has always attached great importance to talents by its chairman, Mu Xiaodong. "Blue Fire Plan" is a good opportunity for Wenzhou to introduce talents. Wanzhong actively docked with the government during the registration period of "Blue Fire Plan" and strived for counterparts. The implementation of the "Blue Fire Plan" conforms to the actual needs of Wancon's technological innovation and transformation and development, and adds intellectual support to enterprises. During the posting period, doctoral students carried out technical cooperation around the key issues of industrial innovation, which brought about the change of technical guidance and thinking mode for enterprises, especially the heuristic guidance on technology, and provided new ideas for enterprises'scientific and technological innovation.
However, due to the short deployment time and the lack of early communication opportunities, doctoral students are still unable to give full play to their professional expertise, to carry out more in-depth cooperation with enterprises in scientific and technological innovation projects, and to promote the "intellectual capital" change in the short term. With these regrets, Wancon is eager for the future of the "Blue Fire Plan" can be more in line with the actual development needs of enterprises in the form of cooperation.
In addition, Li Enlin, assistant dean and director of the office of the Academy of Intelligent Engineering, introduced the specific work of two Ph.D. students in the "Blue Fire Project" in 2016. During the deployment period, they provided technical support for Wancon, focusing on structural analysis, simulation analysis, heat dissipation analysis, deformation analysis, insulation structure optimization analysis and other issues. The company fully affirmed their professional knowledge and ability.