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Campus Recruitment

Recruitment concept and process
1, publish information
We will publish specific recruitment information in all kinds of recruitment websites, enterprise official websites and college employment networks.
2. Collect resume
On-site resume filling, interview, or through the official website of the enterprise to fill in, while accepting the establishment of the delivery, and enter the company to establish a database;
3. Resume screening
We will classify, screen and sort out candidates' resumes.
4. Preach meeting
We will organize lectures in Colleges and universities, answer all kinds of questions on the spot, and collect resumes at the same time.
5, preliminary test
According to the resume and on-site interview results, confirm the trial list.
6, evaluation
Technical graduates will conduct preliminary tests in the form of test papers.
7, re examination
According to the preliminary interview and evaluation results, the winning candidate will be confirmed by the employer to communicate and confirm the results.
8. Signing a contract
After the re examination is passed, combined with the actual situation of the institutions, the company will sign a labor contract with the recruited staff as soon as possible.
9. Practice
According to the employment arrangement of colleges and universities, we will arrange uniformly for the prospective employees to take part in the internship, and solve the problem of reporting road fees, accommodation and so on.
10.During the internship period, and after the candidate formally graduated and obtained his diploma, he was formally appointed and hired.