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Party building


The group set up a Party branch in 2002 and a General Party Branch in 2009. There are 51 Party members, 10 mobile Party members and 20 activists joining the Party. It has three Party branches under its jurisdiction and has established trade unions, Youth League committees and women's federations. In order to promote the effective coverage of Party building work in Non-public-owned enterprises, further play the substantive role of Party organizations and Party members, and further promote the construction of grass-roots organizations, the General Party Branch will carry out its work in 2012. To extend to the workshop, guide the broad masses of Party members to strive for excellence on the basis of their posts, give full play to the political core role of the Party organization among the employees and the political leading role in the development of enterprises, and constantly improve the institutionalization and scientific level of Party building work.

Under the guidance of the Party committees at higher levels and the government, the general Party branch of the group has been awarded “ Wenzhou Vigorous and Harmonious Enterprise ” & ldquo; Wenzhou First Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise ” & ldquo; Wenzhou Development and Strong Party Building ” & ldquo; Wenzhou Learning Enterprise ” & ldquo; Wenzhou Learning Party Organization The honorary title of "demonstration spot" & rdquo; has also been praised and affirmed by Li Qiang, then deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, former Deputy Minister of the Central Organization Department and Li Jianhua, executive vice president of the National Institute of Administration.

The General Party Branch carries out the spirit of a series of important speeches of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC and General Secretary Xi, and actively promotes the quality of the speeches.The Party Branch is built in a workshop with Party members around you. The transformation and upgrading of the economy will give full play to the substantive role of the party organization.