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Twenty-first Century is the era of cultural management, and also the era of cultural victory. With the wide support of all walks of life, Wanzhong has become the leader of China's electric cabinet industry after more than 20 years of development. Proactive thinking and excellent courage, dedication, accumulation of the external praise of the universal control characteristics. At the same time, we have always maintained an open mind, absorbed the world's advanced concepts, and kept pace with the times, forming a unique corporate culture with universal control characteristics.
In an organization, what employees do reflects the culture of the organization. Behavior is like a mirror of corporate culture, what kind of cultural background will have what kind of cultural projection, our behavior is the projection of corporate culture. In order to further standardize staff behavior, improve the quality of staff, enhance enterprise cohesion, and strive to create a competent, harmonious and competitive team of outstanding staff, the company in 2013 put forward the core quality of Wanzhong people should have. Core quality is a concentrated reflection of the way of thinking, code of conduct and values of a company's corporate culture on its employees.

Customer first, integrity, loyalty, execution, cost consciousness, learning and innovation, teamwork.