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Enterprise mission: strive for the progress of electric power
The mission of an enterprise is the role and responsibility that an enterprise should play in social progress and economic development. It is the fundamental nature and existence reason of an enterprise, and it is the orientation of the enterprise to its own image. To strive for the progress of electric power is the responsibility and obligation of Wanzhong to the society and the image orientation of Wanzhong's production and management.
As we all know, the invention and application of electric power set off the second upsurge of industrialization, in order to control, protect and monitor the power system, electrical cabinets came into being. As a professional manufacturer of electrical cabinets, Wancon keeps up with the pace of electric power development, adapts to the demand of electric power development, constantly pushes the old to bring forth the new, and escorts the progress of electric power. From the simplicity of traditional cabinets to the diversity of new cabinets; from the subordinate position of reference industry standards to the leading position of drafting industry standards; from the market occupation of the land of Shenzhou to the pioneering territory of overseas markets; from the point of remote countryside to the rise of the scale of prosperous cities & hellip; & hellip; in power plants, substations, industry Mining enterprises, public buildings, petrochemical energy, transportation and other power distribution in the transformation of the control cabinet have adherence and dedication. Wancon actively adapts to the development requirements of urbanization, informationization, intellectualization and environmental protection, and proves its exploration, innovation and keeping pace with the times in the fields of technology, market and application. On the journey of electric power development, Wan control serves the society and benefits the people.

Corporate vision: to be the leader of electrical cabinet
 Enterprise vision refers to the long-term aspirations and future situation of the enterprise, which is the direction that everyone is working hard to make by the organization. “ &rdquo, the leader of electrical cabinet, is the goal of all the controllers.
A person (organization) who literally guides a ship or aircraft along a predetermined route to a designated place on time, which means that a pilot must be pioneering, leading, and benchmarking. To be the leader of electric cabinet is to guide the electric cabinet counterparts to sail correctly in the tide of the market and play a pioneering, leading and benchmarking role. This requires Wancon to strive to enhance its comprehensive strength, in the same industry to achieve research and development capabilities, manufacturing capabilities, brand quality, market share, highlighting Wancon's scale efficiency advantages, brand quality advantages and development prospects.

Enterprise spirit: focus on innovation and excellence
Enterprise spirit refers to the common inner attitude, ideological realm and ideal pursuit of employees, which has the function of education, guidance, cohesion and restraint. Wancong uses “ focuses on innovation and excellence ” as the spirit of enterprise to educate and guide employees, to form a group of psychological stereotypes, thereby controlling employee behavior.
This spirit has been deeply rooted in Wanzhong, more than 20 years Wanzhong insist on doing the main business, step by step steady forward, the achievement of the industry leader geese worthy of the name; more than 20 years Wanzhong firmly believe in the wind and rain, temper the fighting spirit in difficulties, in the confusion of learning to give up, in the wind and rain courage to move forward; more than 20 years Wanzhong. Continuous innovation, continuous pursuit, closely following the market, production generation, R & D generation, generation of ideas, the continuous flow of new products in the industry brilliant. Because focus is professional, because innovation is excellent. It objectively reflects the reality of Wanzhong, which is popular in every Wanzhong people's mind, stimulates the subjective initiative of all Wanzhong people, and strengthens the cohesion of enterprises.

Core values: customers first employees second society third shareholders fourth
Core values refer to the criteria of order and the code of conduct followed by a social group when judging social affairs. Customer First, Employee Second, Society Third, Shareholder Fourth & rdquo, is the insight of Wanquan in the development process of more than 20 years.
Consumption activities, supply and demand relations are the premises of enterprise production and operation activities, determine the survival of enterprises; customer demand changes stimulate enterprise reform and innovation, excellence, and maintain vitality. This shows that the customer is the root of the rise and fall of enterprises. Wancon sets up the core values of customer-centered, always put customer needs, customer interests in the first place, create value for customers. And all the value of the creation of the main body is Wanzhong employees, the modern enterprise competition in the final analysis is “ talent ” competition, so the importance of employees after customers. The reason why an enterprise exists in the world is that it plays a role in promoting social progress and assumes responsibilities and obligations to society. When Wanzhong creates benefits and values for its customers and employees, it always keeps in mind its responsibilities and obligations to society, as well as its commitment and protection to shareholders, as well as its creation for them. Value.

Business philosophy: professional + service = (trust) 2
  经Business philosophy is the basis for managers to pursue corporate performance, including the basic understanding of the organizational environment and core competitiveness of enterprises. The core competitiveness is the ability of an enterprise to gain competitive advantage in the long run.
Whether an enterprise has outstanding performance or stable advantages is ultimately decided by customers. All the competition is to better meet the needs of customers and gain the trust of customers. Wancon actively tracks, imports, absorbs and improves international advanced technology, with professional R&D and design capabilities, advanced manufacturing technology, focusing on electrical cabinet products, to provide the most professional and high-quality products for partners, and through the comprehensive coverage of the marketing network, to provide customers with a complete and rapid response to pre-sale and sales After sale service.
At the same time, we use the two core competitive advantages to win the double trust of customers, maximizing the realization of win-win cooperation between the two sides. Wancon can stand out in the same industry and long-term vitality lies in the use of professional to create excellent quality, with the service to provide perfect protection. Professional + service is our core advantage of winning the trust of customers and leading the way in the numerous electric cabinet manufacturing enterprises for more than 20 years.

Management concept: respecting and respecting
 Management concept is the guiding ideology to guide the production, operation and management activities of enterprises, and is the criterion that every enterprise employee should follow. &ldquo is controlled by the company, &rdquo is respected and the management is guided.
Compliance, that is, as an enterprise, Wanzhong abides by laws and regulations, moral standards; abide by the law of market economy development; abide by the commitment to employees, society, shareholders. As an employee, abide by the company's rules and regulations, norms and standards, but also to abide by discipline and law, abide by social ethics, maintain their own and corporate image.
Respect, that is, as an enterprise in pursuit of economic benefits at the same time to respect the natural environment, to achieve sustainable development; to respect every employee, to give fair remuneration, development platform. As an employee, we should respect the company's business decisions, corporate culture, product results and all members of the company. Only by observing and respecting each other can we have mutual trust and cooperation, a harmonious and orderly enterprise atmosphere, a strong cohesion and combat effectiveness, create greater value and achieve everlasting success.
View of talent:
The so-called “ to virtuous people ” that is, the selection of employees to good moral and professional accomplishment as the first standard, to establish good ethics of employees; the so-called “ to make the best use of their talents ” that is, to employ people's strengths, so that the talents and potential of employees can be fully utilized and developed. Wanquan has always been adhering to the concept of & ldquo; making full use of people's talents by virtue; striving to create a positive and capable cultural atmosphere within the enterprise to infect and guide employees; restraining and guiding employees by commending the advanced model, punishing evil deeds and six core qualities Guide employees. At the same time, in order to fully tap and develop the talents and potential of employees, Wancon has invested a large amount of money into the construction and improvement of the human resources system to provide employees with a sound training mechanism, fair competition opportunities, a reasonable incentive mechanism and a two-track, unimpeded promotion mechanism - hellip; & hellip; a broad development platform, so that everyone Talented employees are able to make the best use of their talents.

Team culture: true love, true love, genuine concern, same heart, strength and development.
  Team culture refers to a subconscious culture formed by team members in the process of mutual cooperation, in order to realize their own value in life and achieve the common goals of the team. True love, true care, concerted development, is a team culture precipitated by the development of Wanquan over 20 years.
Over the years, Wanquan has been striving to create a warm, harmonious and beautiful home, and increasing investment to improve the living environment, office environment and living environment of employees. The staff activity center has been constructed, equipped with gymnasium, basketball court, badminton hall, karaoke hall, Internet cafe, reading room, etc. All the efforts have been made to run a good canteen, increase subsidies, so that the staff can eat safely and economically. Traditional Festival gifts, to send a blessing and warmth to employees; for the staff in distress, timely help, offer love & hellip; & hellip; these are all manifestations of Wanquan's sincere care for employees. At the same time, Wanquan attaches great importance to the development of employees themselves, and strives to provide employees with a platform for learning and development, pursuing the common progress and common development of enterprises and employees.