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personnel training

New staff training:
For each new employee, Wancon has a systematic training system, which integrates corporate culture, core quality of the whole staff, safety knowledge and other courses, and each post has a corresponding training plan, so that employees can quickly integrate into the company environment, competent for the job.
general class training:
Every year, the company will organize a number of large-scale general-purpose training courses on office skills, mentality shaping, professional literacy promotion, and so on. It really helps employees to improve their work efficiency, improve their mentality, and achieve happy work.
professional skills training:
Professional and technical staff has always been a rare talent for the enterprise, Wanzhong more emphasis on training, the establishment of an internal lecturer group at the same time to increase cooperation with external professional institutions, so that employees can be in line with the latest knowledge, a greater degree of self-improvement, improve the efficiency of the entire enterprise.
management reserve training:
The company formulates clear career development channels for reserved talents, and formulates corresponding training and promotion programs according to individual career planning, so that employees can improve their knowledge, skills and management systematically.
leadership training:
Through leadership training, the company makes managers at all levels deeply analyze themselves, focusing on improving management skills, optimizing leadership style, and then improve overall management efficiency.
education title promotion:
In order to help employees improve their academic qualifications and titles of education, the company gives corresponding policy incentives, and cooperates with universities to train and export a large number of outstanding talents for enterprises.