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Human concept

  It advocates advocating the concept of talents based on virtue and talents. In the construction of talent strategy, Wanquan has always adhered to the principle of human resources is the first resource of enterprises, adhere to people-oriented, committed to creating a pragmatic, normative, efficient and innovative team.
Widely open channels to attract talents from all walks of life to join, pay attention to the cultivation and growth of talents, through the implementation of internal competition, rotation training, etc., to fully tap the potential of talent. Improve the training management system, according to different functional units, different positions of staff and career planning, tailor-made training courses, pay attention to the continuous improvement of staff comprehensive ability and quality.
Wanquan has established a scientific performance management evaluation system and salary and welfare system, in order to better stimulate the continuous growth of employees, in 2006 has established a Wanquan characteristics; Excellent ten-year staff award system, as long as Wanquan service for ten years of outstanding employees, the company will give 10,000 to 150,000 different awards.
Wancon has established H-type career development channels (management channels and professional technology channels), providing opportunities for staff development, setting career benchmarks, guiding staff to do things correctly, and achieving professional development. It will always provide a broad space for the motivated employees.