KYN28A-12(Ⅱ) high-voltage electrical cabinets (arcing cabinet)

1. The cabinet structure meets with the criteria of Standardized  Design and Customization Scheme for 12kV Handcart-type  Switchgear (2019) of State Grid

2. The protection grade of the cabinet case meets with IP4X standard, and the protection grade of the partition compartment meets with IP2X standard;

3. The temperature rise of the cabinet meets with DL/T 593 standard, when the rated current is<3150A, it will be self-cooling and when the rated current is ≥3150A, it will be air cooling;

4. The IAC grade of the cabinet meets with A-FLR standard, the arcing duration is 1s, and the test current is selected in accordance with the rated switching current of the switchgear;